In Their Words: Edna Glaze

Date Published 07.06.13

Edna Glaze, 76, was a well-known figure around Brevard, a small town in western North Carolina located at the entrance of the Pisgah National Forest. She was from a tight-knit local family. On March 19, 1996, Glaze walked to the hardware store, and then accepted a ride to the Brevard Music Center. After that she disappeared. Glaze had recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s; she also suffered from poor hearing and vision. Authorities launched an intense search, aided by hundreds of volunteers from the community. The search came up empty. The case went cold.


In 2000 investigators received an anonymous letter naming a local man as a suspect in Glaze’s disappearance and murder. The man allegedly confessed to police, according to an application for a warrant to search his property, but no evidence of Glaze’s remains was found. Charges were never filed.



Edna Glaze


"In our small community, I knew Edna Glaze as a Sunday school teacher. Many more knew her as the elderly citizen who was seen walking, slowly but persistently, all over town. On many of her walks, passing cars would feel compelled to offer her a ride and many people would get to know her on those short commutes. She was approachable, thankful, and faithful. She was in a fragile state when she disappeared, so the community understands that she is no longer with us. However, the persistent mystery of her absence haunts us. I hope she returns home someday for a final goodbye and her family receives justice and closure."

-Michael Hemphill




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