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Date Published 02.29.12
A Mississippi truck driver named Kenneth L. Knight has pleaded guilty to a 24-year old truck stop murder in Florida.  Knight was arrested in 1996 for a similar murder of another young woman.  DNA from the '96 arrest helped investigators link him to the Florida cold case.

It's people like Knight that the FBI was targeting when they publicly linked unidentified long haul drivers with unsolved homicides in their Highway Serial Killings Initiative a few years back.  The relative anonymity, constant roaming and ability to make quick getaways usually give truck drivers with bad intentions the advantage against law enforcement.  DNA technology is that changing that.

One down, untold more to go.

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RT @emilynussbaum: The artful @hodgman's straightforward case for Hillary:
@Twaikuer @pattonoswalt @daveanthony Know what he does believe in? PAC $. Took 10K from HRC pac 2006. That means he's in her pocket.#BSLogic
@Twaikuer @pattonoswalt @daveanthony Good one. Unfortunately Bernie on record as not believing in charity.
@johnlevenstein Thanks for asking, btw. That's the kind of elevated discourse missing lately. A lot of mud slinging. #I'mNotAboveItEither
@johnlevenstein Can't convey it all thru Twitter but yes, she has flaws. Too poll-driven, burned needed bridges, trouble owning mistakes.